Launch Date Saturday 1st April - 10AM EST

The Fastest Way Ever To Build Your Own PBN's At Low Cost!



Create Your Own PBN Sites In Seconds, Manage & Post With Ease!

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Saturday 1st April - 10AM EST


Build, Host & Manage Private Network Sites In 3 EASY Steps



Recently we have seen a lot of discussion on whether SEO is dead, and digging deeper the questions were often coming round to whether PBN's (private blog networks) were dead too now.

The answer to both questions is emphatically NO!

SEO is still the best way to get free targeted traffic, but the goal posts have been moved several times and some new factors come into play for 2017.

Quality backlinks is still at the heart of SEO, and the quality of backlinks is determined by several factors...

  • Relevancy
  • Authority Of The Domain
  • The Number of Links Vs Number Of Referring Domains
  • Contextual Links
  • Homepage or Deep Links

Having your own private networks gives you control over ALL of these ranking factors. 

But Here's The Problem:
Building out PBNs or private networks has always been a challenge with so many things to take care of from purchasing aged or expired domains, adding different registration details for each, getting class c hosting, adding unqiue themes and templates redirecting the old backlinks from the domain to the home page or recreating those pages that had backlinks before and it was time consuming, painful and very, very expensive!

even worse was that after you built your PBN network it wasnt am easy task to manage the network or to post into the sites easily. In fact many people got to this stage and gave up or spent a fortune hiring VA's to take care of the network management and posting.

The Solution: Alpha Networks

We Have Built A System That Allows You To:

  • Add Expired Domains In Seconds By Simply Adding The Domain URL, Title, Description & Meta Tags
  • Choose The Type Of Site You Want
  • Blogs, Video Sharing Sites, Social Bookmark Sites
  • Hosted On Our Servers
  • Random Templates & Themes Are Created On The Fly By The Alpha Networks system
  • Web App To Manage Sites
  • Desktop Tool To Post Into The Sites

Super Simple Posting Solution

  • Work within group networks (OTO1 version)
  • Check if the sites are still indexed or deindexed in one click
  • Instantly index and ping new posts
  • Bulk posting with Scheduler
  • Work with a tiered linking system
  • Add Up To 50 Domains (More With OTO's)
  • Local SEO Strategies & Google Maps Built In


Watch The Full Demo Video

Or Watch The Shorter Demo Overview Video

The Funnel...

Front End: $47.00 - One Time Cost & Lifetime Hosting & Access!
- 50% Commissions

  • Can Add Up To 30 Domains From Our Easy Management Web App
  • Can Add Blogs And/Or Video Sharing Sites
  • With 5000 Posting Credits
  • Desktop Posting Tool With Instant Pinging, Indexing, Local SEO Elements & Scheduling
  • Long Tail Keyword Generator
  • You Are Cookied For Future Posting Credits Purchases!

OTO 1: $47.00 (One Time Cost)
- 50% Commissions

  • Can Add Social Bookmark Sites For Instant Tiered Linking & Bulk Posting
  • Plus An Extra 20 Domains Can Be Added To The System
  • Plus Our Unique Traffic Redirect Tool Added To The Desktop Software
  • Plus 5000 Extra Posting Credits
  • This Gives A Total Of 50 Domains & 10,000 Posting Credits.
  • You Are Cookied For Future Posting Credits Purchases!

OTO 2: $67.00 (One Time Cost)
- 50% Commissions

  • Can Work Within Group Networks With Other Members To Build Out Larger Networks Faster With Lower Cost
  • Plus Our URL Shortner Tool Added To Maximize Bulk Posting Effectiveness
  • Plus Expired Domain Finder Tool 
  • Plus 5000 Extra Posting Credits

OTO 3: $47.00 to $197.00 Per Month Recurring - 50% Commissions

  • Choice of 5, 15 or 30 MassMedia SEO Press Releases Per Month 
  • Multi Media Press Releases  (Videos Also Added To Our 1000+ YouTube Channel Networks!)
  • Press Release Scraping & Writing Tool Added To Alpha Networks Desktop Software
  • Google News Posting
  • Software Makes Press Release Writing An EASY 2 Minute Job!
  • Posts Into Our MassMedia SEO Press Release Service Dashboard
  • 100+ Authority Links Per Press Release Distribution For Instant Backlinking For PBN Sites!
  • EASY Press Release Acceptance! (This Is For Backlinking Purposes)
  • Credits Roll Over (Any Unused Credits Added To Next Month Total)
  • High Retention Rate On Our Press Release Service!
  • 50% Commissions For First Month & 30% Commissions For Future Months

OTO 4: $47.00 To $297.00 Per Month Recurring - Agency Packages!
- 50% Commissions

  • This OTO Is Extra Posting Credits At Massive Discount
  • Can Purchase Choice Of 6 Posting Packages With Extra Domains
  • 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000 or 500,000 Posting Credit Packages
  • Great For Agency's With Clients & Selling PBN Links Or PBN Building/ Renting
  • Extra 50 to 250 Domains Added To Packages
  • 50% Commissions For First Month & 30% Commissions For Future Months


  • As Always We Have Dowsells At Every Stage Of The Funnel After Front End Purchase
  • Every Front End Buyer Will See The OTO 3 & OTO 4 Offer!
  • Massive Retargeting Based On Conversion Pixels For Every Part Of Funnel

Launch Info & Swipes

  • We will be retargeting your traffic to get you even more commissions!
  • Launch will be open for 5 days
  • Proven high converting funnel
  • 2 products with recurring commissions in the funnel
  • High retention on the recurring products!   
  • You Are Hard Coded for Any Additional Credit Puchases Via JVzoo After Launch!


This is a short notice 3 day promo...

We will add extra dollar per sale commission for everyone with over 50 funnels instead of a competition. 

The offer will stay open for few days after that for any traffic still coming in, and we will run retargting ads too for a week, to get more sales for affiliates.


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Most of us have tried to generate free traffic and often we come up with the same reasons for failing. 
Traditionally the GURU training goes like this,...

  • Find a profitable niche
  • Run Keyword research tools to find easy to rank keywords.
  • Get content created to create blog posts and affiliate reviews.
  • Get Backlinks From The Latest, Greatest SEO Trick & Watch the money roll in!

Well, we all know thats not so easy as it sounds and that's exactly what Anthony Hayes has been looking at over the past few months, and he has come up with an ingenious shortcut that not only takes away the guesswork, but he has created a tool that can build out sites fast and designed to build quality backlinks for you fast, low cost and easy to post into, even if your not that into SEO!

Backlinks are still at the heart of getting rankings and free traffic and this system is newbie friendly and designed to avoid the common mistakes that people make when they do not know what they are doing.

Anthony will be doing a pre launch webinar on the 21st January at 9am and he will show you his latest new tool and the built in strategy that can cut out wasted time, money and end frustration with his new system which he has literally thrown out the rule book on how to get free traffic and tossed aside recent SEO and Ranking fads to create something that works 100% of the time and will continue to work forever!

Plus...he is giving away his top 5 free traffic tips for 2017 that actually work!

These are tips that you can implement in your business today regardless if you use Anthony's new sytem or not, but this is available only on the webinar!

Click on the link to join the webinar and you will qualify for the free traffic training just for registering!


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